Q: What is Soundoff.io?

A: Soundoff.io is a work-flow tool which aims to bridge the communication gap between music producers and artists by providing a platform which streamlines and organizes the collaboration process.

Q: How secure is Soundoff.io? 

A: Very secure. The privacy and security of our users’ work as well as their personal information is extremely important to us at Soundoff.io. That is why all communication is encrypted and served over a secure 2048-bit SSL (?) connection.

Audio files are stored on a separate server and are only accessible by you and people you authorize (Team members, collaborators). Audio files are not accessible by the public.

Credit information is secured by Stripe; The leader in online payment processing.

Q: Can I cancel my account?

A: Our subscription plans are on a monthly basis which you can cancel at any time. We would be sad to see you leave the Soundoff.io family, so if you have any concerns please let us help: hello@soundoff.io.
For more information on our Cancellation Policy click here.

Q: How does billing work?

A: When you sign up and create your Team you will automatically receive one month’s subscription on us! There is no credit card required up front, as your comfort is very important to us. After the month is up, you can make the choice to join the Soundoff.io family or to part ways.
When you decide to continue on with us, the price for your Team will be a monthly rate of $14 which accommodates 3 team members. For example, you, your co-producer, and you mixer. If your team grows larger than the initial 3 members, you are able to add additional members for $7/month per person.

Q: What is a Team?

A: Click here for a run-down on Teams.

Q: What is a Track vs a Revision?

A: Click here for a run-down on Tracks and Revisions.

Q: What is a Collaborator?

A: Click here for a run-down on Collaborators.

Q: What is a Project?

A: Click here for a run-down on Projects.

Q: Can collaborators download tracks?

A: Yes. Authorized collaborators have the option of downloading tracks in WAV or MP3 file format if the original file was uploaded as a WAV.
Click here for more information on Collaborators.

Q: Do you look at my files?

A: We do not access your files or data unless permission has been specifically granted by you. Your creative content belongs to you and your collaborators. As long as it is in harmony with our Terms of Service, everything is smooth sailing.

Q: How many tracks can I upload?

A: There is no limit to how many tracks you can upload, even during your free trial period!

Q: Will my files be deleted after a certain period of time?

A: For as long as you have an active subscription account we give you the option to archive and catalogue your work for as long as you see fit. The clock does not tick for you, good sir/madam.

Q: Do I need to register to use Soundoff.io?

A: Yes. For security purposes and for the protection of users’ intellectual property, in order to access tracks or participate in conversations, you must have an account with Soundoff.io.

Q: Is there a file size limit?

A: Yes. Currently you may upload files up to 100Mb in size.

Still need help? Contact us at hello@soundoff.io.

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